Casa Nova Properties Service:

Our service by the purchase winding up of a real estate in Mallorca

Our obligation towards you is to make the preparation for the purchase winding simple, safe and good structured. Therefore, we would like to explain to you in the following our service.

Preparation of an option contract:
If you have decided on your dream real estate, we make this provisional agreement from which the personal data of the parties, the cadastral data of the real estate, the selling price, the deposit sum and the single appointments arise for the winding up, to a contract. There is no time limitation for the final notary public's appointment, here the will of both parties to a contract decides. Both parties to a contract sign this contract. Only with it the arrangement is obliging and the owner of the property will take the real estate off the market (importantly because of possible intersales to protect them the desirable real estate!)

Payment of the purchase price:
The buyer makes within the agreed time to term the deposit (mostly 10%), either on a special notary public's account or also on an account of the owner, or proportionately on both sides. The remaining selling price should be transferred within the option time on time before the notary public's appointment also to the notary public's account. The bank of the notary issues the suitable bank cheques with the notary public's appointment.

Tax number (N. I. E):
Every real estate owner in Spain needs an identification tax number which will be unique award. This does a service company. The costs for this would be the approx. amount of 150 €. This tax number does not mean automatically the tax residence in Spain, but is valid only for the Spanish real estate. These N.I.E number can be still applied with the notary public's appointment.

Spanish bank account:
We help you in the opening of an account at a Spanish bank with an English-speaking contact which you need for the payments, e. g., for electricity bills, telephone bills, and communal deliveries.

Cadastral number of the real estate:
By the cadastral number we find out all data relevant for tax, like construction year, size of the property, construction surface. These are important base data for the option contract.

Proprietary register:
With the help of this document find out like whether charges are given of every kind like mortgages, right third, distrain or tax liability or delivery debts. All these charges are extinguished up to the sales (under control by public notary and our lawyer), because you acquire a real estate absolutely free of load.

Existing purchase document:
With the help of the old purchase document we examine who is the owner (individual, personal community, company, authorities). So that you know who is precisely your sales partner.

Real estate tax certificate (IBI and Basura):
The present owner presents the last paid-up calculation of the real estate taxes to us, so that you know which annual running payment you have to make. With the real estate tax the amount is raised yearly for garbage and waste disposal. News: in the municipality of Calvía the tax was lowered (payable in July) in 2015 around approx. 23 %!

Existing contracts with companies:
The present owner informs us about the existing contracts for electricity, water, gas supply, phone and Internet supplier, assurances for building and household effects. We help in the takeover if needed.

Communal costs:
If it concerns a flat or a house in a residential arrangement, the owner is obliged to present a certificate of the owner's community or management with the notary public's appointment that the running deliveries are paid. With it you know at the same time, how high this monthly delivery is.

Signature of the purchase document with the public notary:
We help you in the choice of a public notary. So that you exactly understand what you sign, an interpreter who is also performed in the selling contract document with is present of course.

With this notary public's appointment the sale is unwound finally, the payment of the purchased property occurs with bank cheques. And you receive the keys of your dream real estate.


Attacking unique taxes and costs for the buyer:
A: The buyer pays a land transfer tax by the following height:

Up to the purchase price of 400.000 €

there is 8 %

400.000 € to 600.000 €

each 9 %

600.000 € to 1.000.000 €

each 10 %

1.000.000 € to 1.500.000 €

each 11 %

For example: Selling price 1.500.000 €

400.000 €

32.000 €

400.000 € to 600.000 €

18.000 €

600.000 € to 1.000.000 €

40.000 €

1.000.000 € to 1.500.000 €

55.000 €


145.000 €

By the sale of a new built property of the developer a value added tax on height of 10% results. Here, in addition, a registration tax results at the rate of 1.2%. By sale of a property of a developer a value added tax has to be paid at the rate of 21%, plus the registration tax.

B: The buyer pays the costs of the notary public for the registration. These are directed after the purchase price.

C: The buyer pays the fees for the registration of the real estate in the land register. Also these are directed after the purchase price.

The vendor carries all the other taxes and costs, for example the communal appreciation of value tax (Plusvalia), potential deletion costs (mortgages) and the agency fees.